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Impact Patients & Cannabis

Impact: Patients & Cannabis

12:30 pm - 4:00 p.m.

Women’s Health & Cannabis

Saturday, March 12th

Cannabinoid Deficiency Diseases

Saturday, April 9th

 Green Labs, Sensi Media, The Impact Network and Science of Weed have joined forces to launch Impact: Patients and Cannabis, a monthly series of events held on Second Saturdays.

Why now? Even in the legal cannabis era here in Colorado, medical marijuana users can find it hard to navigate the tricky and sometimes seedy-feeling field. So many patients have so many questions that they are afraid to ask. Questions such as: Is cannabis right for me? For my child? What is CBD and what does it treat? What are the side affects? Where do I find information I can trust?

These patients and parents will find new answers for their questions at our monthly events at Green Labs Denver. These family-friendly events connect current and potential cannabis patients and their parents and caregivers with experts, resources, and hard-to-find info about treatment options. Autism and epilepsy are the focus of this first session, but all are welcome.

The goal of the monthly event is to create systems of support within the community. There will be panel discussions and Q&A sessions led by medical experts, patient ambassadors to cconnect guests with the right resources, mini-support group breakout sessions, brand representatives, and more.

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